Plant Extracts

Our extracts consist of 20% phytochemical components from the plant in a water base.

These natural active components are obtained by extracting them from the blossoms, fruit, roots, or whole plants, through a cold process technique to prevent degradation of their properties.

Water-Based Extracts are the liquid solution of herbs and water. The dried or fresh herbs are combined with the liquid, then the solid matter is removed leaving only the phytochemical components of the herb.
All of our water-based extracts are processed and blended in a 40:40 Kosher Vegetable Glycerin/Sterile Water base resulting in a product with 20% natural phytochemicals from the herb/plant. Plant extracts and floral waters may or may not have aromas.
Any aroma may or may not be similar to the original plant aroma.

Not for use as an aroma component.

By purchasing and using products sold by Texas Natural Supply you agree that:

  • Texas Natural Supply is not liable for any incident or complication which may result from improper storage, misuse, misbranding or adulteration of products once they have left our care and custody.
  • You the customer, by purchasing a product, assume all product liability for the final products/creations which you create with products purchased from Texas Natural Supply to be sold to the final consumer.
  • You the customer, understand that all natural ingredients and products have the potential to cause skin sensitivities or allergic reactions.
  • Products sold by you or your company, to the final consumer, require all labeling and advertising meet FDA guidelines and contain adequate warning statements as needed.
  • Products sold by you or your company, to the final consumer, require adequate testing for Safety, Stability and Preservative Efficacy.



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