Botanical waters are a Texas Natural Supply product concept.

Botanical waters are a Hybrid between a Plant Extract and a Hydrosol or Hydrolat and contain only 3 ingredients
  • Plant matter
  • Water
  • All-Natural preservative system.

Their color can range from almost clear to dark color depending on the amount of natural pigment in the plant material.
Although they are not intended for use as an aromatherapy component, many of them have wonderful and unique aromas.

The primary use for these botanical waters is to impart their botanical phytochemical components into a formulation. They can be used as a stand-alone ingredient such as a body mist or blended into formulations as a water-based ingredient.

Because each Botanical Water is unique, it is strongly recommended you order a small quantity for R & D purposes prior to ordering bulk quantities.
Due to the degradation that occurs when natural products are exposed to light, all products should be stored and sold in opaque containers.



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