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Lotions are much thinner and lighter than creams.
esigned to be applied and absorbed very quickly, they have a lower viscosity than creams.
Both creams and lotions are emulsions having a water and oil phase, so the primary difference is the thickness.
Lotions are generally Oil-in-water emulsions and less greasy or heavy feeling than a cream formulation.

Please refer to our viscosity scale for more details.

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Arnica Lotion Avocado Lotion Baby Lotion Base Body Lotion 1

Arnica Lotion Avocado Lotion Baby Lotion Base - All Natural Body Lotion 1 - All Natural
Body Lotion 2 Body Mousse Base Nail Fortifier Nail Fortifier - Unscented



Body Lotion 2 - All Natural Body Mousse Base - All Natural Nail Forttifier - All Natural Nail Fortifier - Unscented