Vanilla 5th Dark Oil
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Vanilla Oil

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Product Code: VNLL-EO
Vanilla Oil (Vanilla planifolia).

Rich, Sweet, Balsamic, Authentic Vanilla-Like Odor

This oil is dark brown and thick with a very rich true vanilla smell.
One of the nicest available at an incredible price.
It is 100% pure, uncut and does NOT contain alcohol.
CAS # 8024-06-4

Botanical/INCI: Vanilla planifolia
Classification: 100% Pure; FCC, Food Grade
Extraction: CO2 Extraction
Plant Part Used: Cured Beans
Appearance: Dark Brown
Odor/Note: Rich, Sweet, Balsamic, Vanilla-Like Odor

Certificate of Analysis

ProductName: Vanilla Oil


Shelf Life:
5 years

Botanical Origin: Madagascar Extraction Method: CO2 Extraction

Parts Used: Cured Beans


Appearance: Amber Brown – Oil Form

Color Amber Brown

Odor Characteristic

Texture Oil Form

Total Heavy Metals Not more than 10 ppm Complies

Lead Not more than 3 ppm

Cadmium Not more than 0.3 ppm

Arsenic Not more than 1 ppm

Mercury Not more than 0.1 ppm

Total Plate Count Not more than 10^5 cfu/gm

Total Yeast & Mold Count Not more than 10^4 cfu/gm

E. coli absent in 1 gm

Salmonella absent in 10 gm

E Enterobacteria Not more than 10^4 cfu/gm

This product contains:

  • No Pesticide, No Chemicals and isParaben-Free

  • No Hexane,No Phenoxyethanol processed ingredients

  • NoPropylene Glycol

  • NoPetroleum

  • NoSynthetics and is Preservative-free.

  • NoIrradiated materials

  • No NanoParticles

BSEStatement: This product is not manufactured from specified riskmaterials of bovine, ovine and caprine animal species as defined inthe commission's decision 2000/418/EEC. This product is not fromanimal origin. This product does not contain any ingredients ofanimal origin or derived from animals.

GMOSTATEMENT: The products are not derived from genetically modifiedmaterial.

0%Natural Flavoring substance
0%Nature identical flavoring substance
0%Artificial flavoring substance
100%Flavoring preparation
0%Smoke flavor
0%Thermal Process flavor

FOODALLERGENS DECLARATION: this material doesnot containany of
thefollowing products:

-Cerealsand 1400 series thickeners containing gluten, ie wheat, rye,
barley,oats or their hybridized strains and products of these.
-Crustaceaand products of these (i.e prawns, crab)
-Egg,Unpasteurized egg and egg products
-Fishand fish products
-Peanutsand products of these including oils
-Soybeansand products of these including oils
-Milkand milk products
-Treenuts and products of these.
-Sesameseeds and products of these.
-Sulfitesin concentrations of 1.0 mg/kg or more
-Propolis,Bee pollen, Royal jelly


EuropeanCosmetic Directive 76/768/CEE Annexes II-VII:
The product does not contain any substance listed in Annex II or
anysubstance prohibited for cosmetics products. This product does
notcontain any substances listed in Annex III-VII (preservatives,
dyes,UV stabilizers...)

C.M.R.Substance Declaration according to 7th amendment of Annex:

POLYCYCLICMUSK: Does not contain any polycyclic musk.

NITROMUSK: Does not contain any nitromusk.


ANIMALTESTING STATEMENT: We certify that the product has not
beentested on animals.

Vanilla Oil



Average Rating:
( 24 )
dani tovar from houston, TX United States
May 6, 2024
Best aroma oil
I am very impressed with this oil I love the way it smells
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Mati Fuller from Alamosa, CO United States
May 3, 2024
Love this oil
I have been using it in my skin care products since 2009. It's the absolute best vanilla. Don't hesitate to buy.
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amy pierce from Columbus, OH United States
December 27, 2019
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Anonymous Person from Austin, TX United States
October 31, 2019
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My Favorite Vanilla
Finding a true, relatively natural vanilla scent is not easy. Between the aroma and the consistency, TNS's Vanilla Oil has been the best so far. I use it in (non-therapeutic) aromatherapy and bath products and my customers love it.
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Cathy Holcombe from Ault, CO United States
April 15, 2019
Vanilla 5th Dark Oil
The product pricing and quality seem very good! Haven't had a chance to try it in my formula yet, but am looking forward to seeing how it works for us! The only constructive feedback I've got it the high cost of shipping we paid to ship 1oz of product. The product price was $14 and some odd change, but the shipping was over $18! I think investigating offering more cost effective shipping (such
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