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Silver Ion 2400 / Tinosan SDC Natural Preservative
Silver Ion 2400 / Tinosan SDC Natural Preservative


Product Code: TSNP-PV

1 oz Net Wt [$9.18]
2 oz Net Wt [$16.83]
4 oz Net Wt [$30.60]
8 oz Net Wt [$58.14]
16 oz Net Wt - 1 lb [$110.16]
32 oz Net Wt - 2 lbs [$195.84]
64 oz Net Wt - 4 lbs [$342.72]
128 oz Net Wt - 8 lbs [$587.52]

Description Ingredients & Technical Information Formulation and Usage Information

The 1st All Natural Preservative to have everything you want and nothing you don't want!


Tinosan has a new name: Silver ion 2400
This is the exact same product under new licensing, so the name has now been changed.

Don't go to a supplier who just sells this preservative system.
Texas Natural Supply has the longest history and most experience with this preservative.
Come to us for your purchase as well as usage and formulation assistance.
Not only do we manufacture with it, but we have a long efficacy record and experience in personal care with this all natural preservative system.

Email us for any questions. We have been formulating and manufacturing with this product for over 14 years now and would love to help you incorporate it into your natural products.

Silver Based Antimicrobial for personal care applications.

+ Formaldehyde Free
+ Paraben Free
+ Non-Halogenated
+ No Phenols
+ No Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
+ No Nano Particles

Active Ingredient: Silver dihydrogen citrate - Silver ions (2400 ppm) and Citric acid USP (Fruit Based)

Appearance: low-viscosity, aqueous, colorless, transparent, heat tolerant, highly soluble in water with a almost undetectable citrus scent and no taste.

Recommended Concentration: 0.1% - 0.3% (Add to formulations during cool down phase if possible)

Produces crystal clear products with high water solubility
* Suitable for clear formulations (shampoos and gels)
* Does not migrate into the oil phase of emulsions
(thus maintaining a strong efficacy against microorganisms in the water phase)
* Good stability in a broad range of formulation types

Produces broad spectrum antimicrobial activity
* Works as a stand alone preservative or can be combined with other preservatives.
* Exhibits strong activity against Corynebacteria significantly reducing body malodor.

What is Tinosan SDC?
Tinosan SDC is a relatively new to the market as an all natural preservative and antimicrobial based on a stabilized silver complex produced by a unique electrochemical process with silver and citric acid. It is water-soluble silver dihydrogen citrate.

It is formaldehyde free, non-halogenated, contains no phenols and no quaternary ammonium compounds. It passed challenges tests for Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, Yeast and Molds and fulfilled USP test requirements in formulations with anionic and nonionic emulsifiers and shampoos.

Tinosan SDC provides broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity and is effective against unwanted skin bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms. Its fast-killing activity makes Tinosan SDC an effective antimicrobial for home and personal care products and hospital formulations.

Bacteria have been exposed to silver ions for over 4 billion years and no widespread resistance has been evident to date. The risk for microbial resistance to Tinosan SDC is considered low.

Tinosan SDC has meet FDA standards for these intended uses.
Applications include: Deodorant active for Personal Care Products
Antimicrobial active ingredient for Personal Care Products
Preservative for Personal Care Products
Biocide for Household and hospital products
GRAS - Generally recommended as Safe

Tinosan SDC is a colorless, odorless, low viscous liquid. It has no known adverse effects on human health and is classified as not hazardous under OSHA regulations. Its LD50 is >5000 ml/kg. (Note: The LD50 of water is around 190 ml/kg)

In testing, Tinosan SDC caused no skin or eye irritation and is not a skin sensitizer.

Usage and incorporation:
Tinosan pH = 1.4 to 1.6
Use in Skin care products @ 0.1% - 0.3%
Use in Home Care Products @ 0.1% - 0.5%

Extremely good compatibility has been shown in most formulations at a pH <7 with anionic and non-ionic surfactants, emulsifiers and the amphoteric surfactants but is compatible within all pH ranges. Tinosan SDC is compatible with many other antimicrobial actives and most other preservatives.

Tinosan SDC is highly water soluble and easy to incorporate into the aqueous phase of gels, surfactants and emulsions made by cold process. In the manufacturing of emulsions produced by hot process, Tinosan SDC should preferably be added to the final formulation after the emulsion has cooled down, but this is not essential and does not alter its efficacy. For formulas sensitive to acids, Tinosan SDC can be pre-neutralized prior to addition to the product.

Exposure of Tinosan SDC to pH’s higher than 7 and temps below 140 degrees are optimal in order to promote formulation stability and prevent precipitation and discoloration, but is not essential. The efficacy of Tinosan is not altered if precipitation or discoloration occur, but they be undesirable in the final formulation.

We also recommended Tinosan SDC it be used in conjunction with Potassium Sorbate @ 0.3% for additional protection against mold, fungus and yeast spores.

High salt concentrations can reduce the bactericidal activity, whereas anionic surfactants in a concentration of 0.03% to 1% increase the biocidal efficacy of Tinosan SDC.

Additionally, Tinosan SDC exhibits strong activity against Corynebacteria and significantly reduces body malodor in deodorant preparations, making it an excellent deodorant active.

Storage & Shelf Life:
Tinosan SDC is considered inert until combined with a formulation giving it an indefinite shelf life. It is light sensitive and should be stored in a container that protects it from light. Final formulations sold in transparent packaging and exposed to bright light may experience a photo reaction or discoloration, but this does not decrease the antimicrobial effectiveness. Products preserved with Tinosan SDC should ideally be stored in ambient conditions and ideally used within 1 year of manufacturing.

Availability: It has not been widely advertised because the manufacturer believes, as we do, that the product sells itself. Many smaller businesses are now using it as their primary preservative system.

For those who are not sure about how to do the math, you can request via email, a table which has the usage percentages figured out from 1 oz up to 128 oz (1 gallon).

Additional Technical and Scientific Information

Tinosan SDC is NOT colloidal Silver. It is silver dihydrogen citrate and only contains Silver Ions which are positively charged in a base of citric acid and water.

Colloidal Silver particles are solid silver particles suspended in a liquid with a negative charge. Colloidal silver is a suspension of submicroscopic metallic silver particles in a colloidal base.

Silver Ions when in contact with the human body (because of there positive charge), quickly combine with chloride to form an insoluble compound called silver chloride which is is basically non-reactive in the body. If ingested the hydrochloric acid in the digestive tract supplies the chloride ions that will cause ionic silver to quickly form silver chloride, an insoluble compound that will not dissolve or deposit itself in the bodies tissues and is quickly excreted by the kidneys in the urine. If ionic silver were to be absorbed into the blood stream or interstitial spaces via the skin it would encounter a large supply of chloride ions and again quickly form silver chloride and be excreted via the kidneys.

Argyria - Is caused by Colloidal Silver.
Tinosan SDC does not cause or contribute to Argyria.

Argyria is a blue skin discoloration resulting from excessive exposure to silver. Silver metal workers, people who mine silver, and people who take colloidal silver supplements can all develop this rare condition. Once argyria develops, it is very challenging to treat. Continued exposure to silver either through skin contact, ingestion or inhalation can result in severe complications.

There are two types of argyria: localized and universal.

Topical treatments such as nasal sprays contain silver compounds that can cause localized argyria at the mucus membranes. Some tattoo colors also have a silver base, which can cause localized argyria. Medications now seldom include silver compounds, and reputable tattoo parlors do not employ silver in any of their dyes. Tooth fillings made from silver do contribute to a slight risk for developing the condition, so as a result, fillings do not usually contain silver today.

Universal argyria occurs when the people ingest silver particles in medicines or through exposure to fine silver dust. In these cases, the blue or grey color of the skin is more diffuse, but may at first be noted mostly on areas of the skin that receive sun exposure. The face, hands, and chest may all turn a bluish-gray. In the worst cases, all of the skin will turn blue, and organs like the spleen and liver may also have a bluish cast.

Unlike Colloidal Silver, Tinosan SDC does not cause or contribute to Argyria.

Our Tinosan SDC comes directly from the Manufacturer and is made here in the USA.

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