Our Standards

As one of the only all-natural wholesale skincare suppliers, we are committed to purity, efficacy, and sustainability.
Our skincare and haircare formulations rejuvenate, restore and nourish skin from the outside in.

Our business philosophy dictates that we provide our customers with all-natural and naturally sourced ingredients.
All our raw materials & ingredients must meet rigid standards and come from reputable sources, origins & companies.

All our ingredients, raw materials and Skincare Products/Bases are FCC, Food Grade and or USP as indicated in the Technical Specification tab of each product.
We offer the highest quality Herbs, Botanicals, Spices, Essential Oils, Raw Materials & Supplies for making Cosmetics, Bath & Body Products, Soaps and Personal Care Products.

Our Standards for Natural & Natural Sourced Ingredients include the following:

  • Pure, Natural, Biodegradable and subject to minimal processing.
  • Pesticide, Chemical and Paraben Free.
  • No Hexane, No Phenoxyethanol processed ingredients.
  • No Propylene Glycol and GMO-Free.
  • Petroleum Free.
  • Synthetic Preservative-free,
  • Non-Irradiated
  • No Nano Particles
  • *No Animal Testing. Animal-sourced products that do not cause harm or death to the animal and have not been subjected to animal testing.
  • Wildcrafted or produced in the “Greenest" manner possible with sustainable harvesting.

Ingredients decks are provided for every product.
All ingredients are listed to provide complete transparency.
We are committed to the "Truth in Labeling" pledge and support the NIRC.


Note: All products and raw materials are intended for topical use in cosmetic skincare applications only.
Ingredients sold are NOT for use in drugs or OTC preparations and are NOT for ingestion purposes.