Made Fresh for Every Order

Fresh and Natural are core principles of Natural skincare.
Because all ingredients degrade over time, fresh and natural products or ingredients should be consumed within in a fairly short time frame.
Think of them as food for your skin and use the same basic standards you would for consuming food.
If you think it may not be fresh, dispose of it and replace it with new ingredients or products.

If shelf life is an issue, purchase less to be more in line with your usage.
Because we have no control over the product once it leaves our facility, we can not guarantee shelf life or stability once it is out of our care and custody.

Skincare is food for the skin.
There two goals of fresh and natural.
1. A natural product should be fresh
2. A fresh product should be natural.

The normal anticipated shelf life of a natural product is about 1 year from the date of purchase from the manufacturer.
The actual shelf life of the product may be longer or shorter depending on how the product is altered, changed, stored, packaged and handled before sale to the final consumer.

If ingredients are added to our bases and stock products, you'll want to consider if they will shorten or change the shelf life and stability of the product.

Our order processing may take slightly longer than other companies.
Items are not mindlessly pulled from stock shelves.
Every item in an order is manufactured or packaged at the time it is ordered.
This assures that the freshest ingredients and raw materials are used to fill each order.