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Wholesale Questions
Bulk and Wholesale Information/Quotes.
  We offer our lowest possible pricing upfront. All of our listed prices are wholesale/bulk prices.
There are no special requirements, forms or red tape required to benefit from our wholesale pricing.
If you compare our prices to retail stores, you will see the wholesale savings.
We also make every effort to meet all possible quantity needs.
We sell sizes from 1 oz Net wt all the way up to 45 lbs pounds bulk depending on the product.
We find our pricing and quantity structure meets the needs of 99% of our customers, personal and business.
Some items have a Quantity limit of 2 (two) per customer per day.

Tax Exempt Status
  If you have not set up your account to be tax exempt and you are a Texas resident or business your order will be charged sales tax.

To change your tax status see the information in this section regarding being tax exempt and necessary tax forms.

Texas Business Tax Exempt Status
All customers, who reside in the State of Texas, and are eligible to be tax exempt for purchases, must provide a completed Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate and Exemption Certificate Form.

The form required can be downloaded via the State of Texas Website link below.

Texas Sales and Use Tax Resale Certificate / Exemption Certification - 01-339

A Texas Sales and Use Tax Certificate is not a Federal EIN number issued by the IRS.

During the Checkout process you will be prompted to acknowledge you are making a
Tax Exempt Purchase and provide your 11 digit Texas Tax ID Number.

Your 1st Order will be charged Sales Tax. After that transaction your status will be changed.