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Ordering Information
Cancelled Orders
Basically, there are 4 reasons that your order was canceled:
1. You ordered an item that we do not have in stock or is on back order (rare)
2. Possible internet fraud with the following:
  • Billing and shipping addresses that don’t match the credit card information
  • An IP address from an area different than the billing or shipping address
  • A different name on the credit card from the contact information provided
  • Multiple orders by the same individual (especially in a short period of time)
  • Large quantities of the same product included in the order or very large dollar amounts that causes a fraud alert
  • High order total compared to your average order size
  • Orders placed by customers outside the USA. We do not sell or ship outside the USA.
3. You have breached the rules outlined in our policies and are not eligible to place an order with us.
4. Your account has been flagged and we need to discuss this issue with you.

Incorrect Items Ordered
  If an incorrect order is placed and the order has not been processed and packaged, we may be able to cancel the order.
Please notify us immediately via email. Email is monitored after hours and on weekends and we will respond back to you regarding this issue.
If we are able to cancel your order, you can then reorder the correct items.

Once an order has left the facility it is no longer in our care, custody and control.
For safety, security and per FDA guidelines, we can not accept any returns for any reason.
Lost or Damaged Package
  As so as it is identified there is an issue with a package, the following procedures should be completed.

Damaged Package
Do not refuse the package.
If possible, request the delivery driver make a note of the damage.
Take pictures of the box both before it is opened and once it is opened.
Depending on the contents, use appropriate safety precautions when opening the package.

Send an email with all the following information:
  • Your name
  • Order number
  • Damage to the package, both exterior and interior
  • The estimated loss of the product (IE:50% of the liquid soap)
  • Any missing or lost items
  • General description of the damage
  • Pictures
  • List of items that need to be replaced and quantity or size
  • Retain the box and its contents until instructed to discard. (About 2 weeks will Fed Ex investigates the damage claim)
Once we have reviewed the email documentation, we will assess damages and determine how to replace or refund these items as quickly as possible.

Lost Package
To assess if a package is delayed, lost, missing, or miss delivered please review the tracking information related to the order in your account.
As soon as it is determined that the packaged is lost or miss delivered
  • Contact Fed Ex with the tracking information and the issue.
  • Contact us via email with the same information
We will assist you to attempt to recover the package. All packages are insured for loss or damage.
Depending on the circumstances, Fed Ex may be able to recover the package unless it was stolen.
Once a final status of the package is determined, a decision for refund or replacement can be made.

There is no recourse for a stolen package except to report this to your local law enforcement.

Order Questions
Information about orders is addressed in this Help section.
Please review this online information for assistance if possible.

Email is monitored during normal business hours to respond to your questions.

Phone Orders
Texas Natural Supply is an internet based business.
We are not able to process phone orders or take credit card information over the phone.
All orders must be placed and paid for online.
Pick Up Orders
We do not offer "pick up".
All orders will be shipped to the ship[ping address provided by the customer.

Order Changes
  Orders can not be changed and items can not be added to an order.

Ordering additional items:

If you need additional items and your order has not shipped, place a second order and request that the orders be shipped together.
Please reference your order numbers in the comment section and request we combine orders.
We will attempt to honor your request and combine shipping cost when possible.
If it is possible to combine the orders, once the orders have shipped, we will issue store credit for any savings related to shipping.
Although we will attempt to combine your order we can not guarantee this will occur and the orders may end up being shipped separately.

Incomplete or Inaccurate Orders
  When you receive your order please assess it for completeness and accuracy.
If you feel that your order is incorrect, please email or contact us via email within 72 hours of receipt of the order.
  • If needed, check to see if there is more than 1 tracking number for your order in your account order history. Occasionally orders ship in more than one box. Check the tracking information to see if this was the case and the other box or boxes have just not arrived together.
  • 5 Gallon pails ship independently from other items in the order.
  • Boxes are usually labeled 1 of 2 or 2 of 2, to assist the customer to know they should be receiving more than 1 box.
  • Review your order online to be sure what items you ordered, compared to those items you received.
Our inventory control should not allow you to order out-of-stock items, but this does happen on occasion.
If the item was not available to ship with your order you will have been issued a refund for that item and your invoice should reflect this information in your account notes for that order.

By purchasing from us you agree to carefully inspect all products and ingredients upon arrival and report any problems or need for replacement within 72 hours. Issues brought to our attention beyond this time frame may be denied any remedy.

In the event that we make an error with your order, depending on the item, we will arrange for the replacement of the item or issue a refund.
Please note that we do not backorder items that are out of stock.
Your order will either be held for a few days if the item is inbound or it will be removed from your order and a refund will be issued.
Special Orders
Please contact us via email regarding requests for special orders.
Order Returns
All Sales are final.
We do not accept returns or cancellations.

Orders can not be canceled once placed.
Customers will be charged for the full amount of their order including shipping and the package will be shipped out.
Please be sure you intend to order what you have selected before you finalize your order.
We DO NOT accept returns for very important reasons.
It's illegal to accept returns on cosmetics and Food Grade items due to health and safety regulations along with quality control and contamination/tampering issues.

Shipping delays
Although we attempt to process and ship orders with 3-4 business days excluding weekends and Holidays this is not an implied guarantee for a turn around time.
Customers can not choose to cancel an order because they "feel" it is taking to long to ship their order.
This passive-aggressive behavior will be considered a breach of our policies and the customer will not be allowed to make further purchases.