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Shipping Delays

Shipping delays
Although we attempt to process and ship orders with 3-4 business days excluding weekends and Holidays this is not an implied guarantee for a turn around time.
All our products are made to order and there are times when the turn around times will exceed our goal of 3-4 business days.
If you have an urgent need, please communicate this to us and we will do our best to get your order processed and shipped as soon as possible.
Customers can not choose to cancel an order because they "feel" it is taking to long to ship their order.
This passive-aggressive behavior will be considered a breach of our policies and the customer will not be allowed to make further purchases.

Package Transit Time

Transit time is for packages ship from Texas Natural Supply to their destination.
Please consult the map below.

Generally, transit times do not include the day of pick up, weekends or holidays.
Consult tracking number information for a scheduled delivery date once the package leaves Texas Natural Supply.

Shipping Method

All packages are shipped using Fed Ex.

There are certain restricted items that must ship via Fed Ex ground due to the US Department of transportation restrictions and guidelines.

Therefore, only shipping via Ground Fed Ex is offered
Restricted items cannot ship to Alaska or Hawaii.
Packages are only shipped to areas within the Continental United States.

Fed Ex will not deliver to a PO Box
If a PO Box is listed as the delivery address, the order will be canceled.

Packages will not be shipped to freight forwarding companies or 3rd parties.
Packages will not be shipped to foreign countries, APO's, US territories or Canada.
All orders with a value of $200.00 or more will require a signature for delivery.

Shipping or Handling Fees

We do not charge shipping or handling fees.
The website uses Fed Ex to generate real-time shipping rates based on weight, distance and value.

Shipping Options

All Packages ship via Fed Ex and are insured.
We do not offer to ship via other methods (US Mail or UPS)

Expedited shipping

We DO NOT offer expedited order processing or shipping.

Please plan to order in a timely fashion, so that orders will arrive in plenty of time for specific deadlines.
Turn around time for processing an order is usually 2-4 business days.
Transit time in the US is 1-4 days, depending on the distance from Texas.

Additionally, see transit time information.

Incomplete, Inaccurate or Incorrect Shipping Information

We hope you will spend the few extra moments to be sure your address information is correct.
If you realize the shipping information is incorrect, contact us immediately. (Email is the best option)
If possible, we will try to correct this information before your package ships out.

If your shipping information is incorrect, not only could you lose valuable time waiting for your package to arrive or never arriving at all, but if we are charged for an address correction once your package has left our facility, we will expect you to cover this cost.

Should this occur, we will notify you of the fee that we are charged for this error.
Because it was your mistake, we expect you to pay this fee.
We will be glad to provide you with proof that we were charged this fee and the source of the error.

If you do not pay this amount to bring your account current, we have no other choice but to suspend your ordering privileges.
We will deny you the ability to place any additional orders until your account balance is zero.

Shipping Cost

The shopping cart pulls live rates using FedEx to calculate shipping.
Shipping rates are based on weight, distance, insured value, and commercial or residential delivery.
The cost to ship has nothing to do with the cost of the items you order, the number of items you order or the total cost of your order.
FedEx has a base cost to ship any package and then weight and distance are added to the cost to come up with a final rate for the package.
All weight amounts are rounded up to the next pound. So, if your package weighs even as little as 2 oz, you still pay the minimum of 1 lb shipping.

Global Effects on shipping rates:
There are a number of factors that have a direct impact on the cost of shipping. Inflation, fuel prices and supply chain issues have an impact on the cost of shipping. Texas Natural Supply has no control over these shipping costs.
We ask our customers to understand that no additional fees are applied to the cost of shipping your order. Texas Natural Supply does not add any handling fees or additional costs to the shipping costs. All shipping costs are determined by the FedEx system.

The shopping cart charges actual FedEx shipping rates determined by the FedEx Calculator
There are no additional fees applied.
If the shopping cart miscalculates the shipping cost and our audit system catches this error, the customers will automatically be credited for the difference in cost.

US Mail
Due to poor service and unreliability, we do not offer US Mail shipping.

Temperature Extremes

Some products may be sensitive to extreme heat or cold.
Please keep this in mind when ordering products that may melt from extreme heat or freeze from extreme cold.

If temperature extremes are occurring, we may hold an order and not ship it on a Friday to lessen the chance that the weather will adversely affect products in transit.

All products are packaged as securely as possible to prevent leaks.
Once an item leaves our warehouse we can not be responsible for the melting or freezing of items during transit.
Please keep weather extremes in mind when you place an order.

Free Shipping

There is no such thing as "Free Shipping".

"Free Shipping", just means the cost for shipping is passed down to the customer by incorporating the cost of shipping into the cost of the products purchased.
Texas Natural Supply does not roll the price of shipping into the cost of the product.
Shipping rates are based on weight, distance and value as determined by the Fed Ex shipping calculator embedded into our website.

Recycled Materials for Shipping

In an effort to have a low carbon footprint, Texas Natural Supply does on occasion use recycled boxes and materials.
All recycled boxes are in "like new" or "pristine" condition to ensure your products arrive intact.

Customers can request (
in the comments section of their order) for the order to be packaged with specific materials for shipping.
Although all request will be considered, sometimes items dictate specific packaging to make it intact to the customer and therefore not all request can be honored.