Orange Kaolin Clay

Orange Kaolin Clay

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Product Code: OKCY-CL

Orange clay gets its color from the iron oxide, making it a rust or orange color and is made up of naturally occurring dolomite, silica, ferric oxide and other mineral oxides.

Cosmetic Uses: Orange clay can be used in soap as a colorant about 1/4 oz per 16 oz of soap. It can be used in facials and body wraps for normal skin.

Botanical/INCI: Orange Kaolinite. No synthetics or colorants added. No GMO's
Origin: USA
Form: Dry Clay
Appearance/Color: Powder / Orange
Storage: For maximum shelf life keep in cool environment (preferably below 75 degrees Fahrenheit) and store away from light and moisture in a closed container. Do not refrigerate.
Additional Info: Cosmetic Grade

Colors are represented as close as possible to the color they appear.

Many colorants may be pH sensitive and can change or morph at high or low pH levels.

No final color is implied or guaranteed in any final formulation or soap. The customer is responsible for all testing in formulations.

Orange Kaolin Clay



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