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Botanicals ( Herbs )

We offer the highest quality Herbs, Botanicals, Spices, Essential Oils,
Raw Materials & Supplies for making Cosmetics,
Bath & Body Products, Soaps, and Personal Care Products.

Our business philosophy dictates that we provide our customers
with all-natural and natural sourced ingredients.

All our raw materials & ingredients must meet rigid standards
and come from reputable sources, origins & companies.

All our ingredients, raw materials, and Skincare Products / Bases are FCC, Food Grade quality
and/or USP as indicated in the "Technical Specifications Tab" of each product.

Our Standards for Natural & Natural Sourced Ingredients include the following:

Wildcrafted or produced in the “Greenest" manner possible with sustainable harvesting.
Pure, Natural, Biodegradable and subject to minimal processing
No Phenoxyethanol processed ingredients
Pesticide, Chemical, and Paraben Free
No Propylene Glycol
* No Animal Testing
Petroleum Free
No Hexane
Synthetic Free
No Nano Particles

Texas Natural Supply does not manufacture or produce products for export outside the USA.
All manufactured products shall remain here in the USA under the authority of the FDA.

Note: All products and raw materials are intended for topical use
in cosmetic skincare applications only.
Ingredients sold are NOT for use in drugs or OTC preparations
and are NOT for ingestion purposes.
Natural products SHOULD NOT be packaged in containers
that allow light to penetrate into the product.

Proudly Based in The USA

Texas Natural Supply, LLC
Austin, TX 78734

No Animal Testing

*Why are some cosmetics tested on animals?
Because they are synthetic and are NOT made with natural ingredients.

If you are purchasing from us or using natural ingredients
there is no animal testing done on these ingredients.

One of the only reasons animal testing occurs at all is because cosmetic companies want
to continuously synthesize new products with newly designed synthetic chemicals.
Since these chemicals are artificially designed in laboratories, their effect on human beings
(or any organic specimen for that matter) is largely unknown, and therefore they must be tested.

The main reason animal testing is done at all is because
synthetic chemicals are not organic or natural.
They are essentially brand new chemical formulations.

Safety testing is required on these synthetic chemicals to look at the possible toxic
or genetic effects they might have on human beings, both short and long-term.

By committing to using natural ingredients and formulations,
animal testing is not required, not necessary and not done.

This is because nature provides us with natural (food grade) ingredients that can be safely applied
to the skin and meet the standards as GRAS per FDA guidelines without any animal testing needed.

Texas Natural Supply is a Registered FDA Facility.
We proudly offer Formulation Services utilizing all-natural ingredients.
We offer Private and White Label Manufacturing along with specialized fulfillment services.
Texas Natural Supply offers services from the product development to manufacturing / labeling to distribution.

Conditioner Base 2 - All Natural Chamomile Butter Whipped Body Butter -2  All Natural Conditioner Base 5 - All Natural
Arnica Creme Cream / Lotion Base 1 - Normal Skin Types - All Natural Flower Patch Aroma / Scent - Oil Based Body Lotion 4 - All Natural
Solid Natural Deodorant Base Vegan Goat Milk Lotion- Scented Bladderwrack Extract - Water Based Facial Serum - CoQ10
Pistachio Butter Body Lotion 3 - All Natural Lip Balm Base 7 - Anti-Aging / Vegan Body Lotion 2 - All Natural
MSM Lotion Delicate Rose Aroma / Scent - Oil Based Conditioner Base 4 - All Natural Laundry Detergent Boost
Hemp Body Butter Silver Ion 2400 / Tinosan SDC Natural Preservative Cream Base - Goat Milk - All Natural Hemp Lotion
Renewal Serum - All Natural Avocado - Cream Base Facial Mosturizer - All Skin Types Facial Serum - Lycopene
Goat Milk Lotion Conditioner Base 3 - All Natural Creamy Pumice Facial Cleanser Solid Natural Deodorant Base Vegan Baking Soda Free
Cream / Lotion Base - Magnesium - All Natural Hemp Seed - Base Cream Vitamin C Serum 10% Facial Cream
Avocado Lotion Lycopene Extract - Water Based Facial Serum - Illuminating

New Products

Rice Water - Fermented
Rice Water - Fermented
Rice Water - Fermented (Tapai)


Fermented rice water is rice water that is left to ferment.
The Fermentation process lowers the pH of the water to make it slightly acidic and close to skin and hair pH and also increases the Inositol levels ( a sugar) that promotes beautiful skin and hair.

We have taken this process to a science and fermented this product for an exact period of time to maximize benefits. We have also preserved it to help extend its shelf life beyond the traditional 1-week timeline and eliminated the need for refrigeration.
Our Fermented Rice Water is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and has no added sugar or fillers.
It contains all eight essential amino acids and antioxidants. Contains Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin, Phosphorous, Iron, Magnesium, Selenium, Niacin, Calcium, Potassium, Manganese and Zinc.

Properties: Hair volume, Shine, Bounce, Manageability & Tangles, Hair & Skin Enhancer, Smooth, Glowing & Healthy Feeling Skin, Brightening.

Suggested Cosmetic Uses: Face Toner, Face Mask, Hair Rinse, Hair Mask, Face & Body Cleanser, Bath Soak, Face Mist, Hair Mist, Serums, After Sun Care, Damaged Hair Conditioner / Repair, Ice Cubes for Spa Treatments.

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Cucumber Butter
Hair Fortifier - All Natural
Hair Root Boost