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FAQ's and Other Important Information
Free Samples
To keep costs competitive, we do not offer free samples. (Nothing is ever really free)
All products are offered in very small quantities online. (Usually 1/2 - 1 ounce)
These should be adequate samples necessary for Research and Development purposes and serve as an adequate sample to evaluate the product.

Product Shelf Life
Fresh and Natural are core principles of Natural skincare.
Because all ingredients degrade over time, fresh and natural products or ingredients should be consumed within in a fairly short time frame.
Think of them as food for your skin and use the same basic standards you would for consuming food.
If you think it may not be fresh, dispose of it and replace it new with ingredients or products.
If shelf life is an issue, purchase less to be more in line with your usage.
Because we have no control over the product once it leaves our facility, we can not guarantee shelf life or stability once it is out of our care and custody.
Additional Charts, Tables and Articles
  Review our E-Learning area or send an email requesting more information.
FCC, Food Grade and USP
  FCC - Food Chemical Codex. This means these items meet the standards for them it to be used in food products.
Food Grade - The term, “food grade,” actually refers to the materials and equipment used when making a product.
To be defined as food grade, materials need to be non-toxic and safe for use with products associated with human consumption.

USP - US Pharmacopeia. This means these items meet the standards to be used in medications or as an active or inactive ingredient in medications and (OTC) over the counter products.
Formulation Recommendations
  TNS does not recommend any specific formulations for products or raw materials that we sell.
This is beyond the scope of services we provide for these items.
We do offer our own formulated combination products, but we are unable to make any specific ingredient combination recommendations.
We recommend our customers research and experiment with ingredient combinations using various resource documents and information readily available on the Internet and in books.
We highly recommend a thorough understanding of each ingredient and encourage careful small batch experimentation.
MSDS and Certificates of Analysis (COA)
Certificates of Analysis (COA)
We do not provide Certificates of Analysis (COA) for products or raw materials beyond what is listed for the product on the website.

General basic data is included in the COA area for each product on the website.
This data should be adequate enough to be able to determine if the product meets your general standards.
Any specific parameters or testing beyond this information will not be provided and it is recommended that the company ordering the raw material or product do any additional testing as needed for their purposes.
Once any form of alteration or change is made to the product, the values of pH, Specific Gravity. Viscosity, Color, Smell, Texture, Shelf Life and Preservative Efficacy may be altered.
Therefore any final testing for specific values would need to be done by the company selling to the final consumer.
Any lot-specific testing is the responsibility and at the cost of the company selling to the final consumer.

The purchase of raw materials and products from this website does not somehow convey a right to any data beyond what is listed on the website.
These products and raw materials sold are for cosmetic purposes and values beyond what is provided in COA area would exceed the necessary information for these types of applications.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
All of the bases and most of the raw materials we provide are not considered hazardous and we are not required, by law, to provide an MSDS, pursuant to Occupational Health and Safety Administration regulations.
Specifically, Section 29 CFR 1910, 1200 (b)(6)(iv) indicates what ingredients are not applicable to the Hazard Communication section (1910.1200) of the OSHA regulation.
No MSDS will be provided for any product bases or formulations.
If you need an MSDS for items other than those listed below, do not order from us.

The only ingredients available for purchase (raw materials) that holds an MSDS is the following:

Glycolic Acid

An MSDS request must meet the following criteria:
1. The raw material must meet OSHA standards to be classified as a hazardous material
2. The business making the purchaser must be a legal business that is conducting commerce from a commercial location
3. The business must have employees
4. The product must have been purchased in a quantity that exceeds the amount normally available for general purchase from a grocery store or other commercial store.

If MSDS request is made by a business, we
will require proof of your business profile, in order to process your MSDS request.

Documents that will be expected to be provided as proof of business status include State Sales Tax and Use Permit, Business License and EIN number and commercial address.
We may also do additional investigation and research to establish the validity of your request before providing an MSDS.
These documents must display the commercial address that is the same as the shipping address on the company order.

Request for MSDS's should be sent via email and will be provided electronically via email only. They must be for items ordered within the last 30 days.

Net Weight
  Net Wt means the weight of the item not including the container in pounds and ounces .

When using different units of measurement.... items can be measured in either Net Wt or Volume.
Net Wt is when an item is weighted on a scale.
Volume is the space that an item takes up in a container and is typically used for liquid measure measurement.

Volume is based on the Specific gravity of water and space it occupies in a container.
Oils and other items may be either thicker or thinner than water and will weight more or less than water and can take up either more or less space in the same container. (See how this could make a huge difference in how much you might be buying?)

Based on this principle; we sell all items based on Net Weight not Volume.

If we sell you X lbs or Ounces of an item you get X lbs or Ounces of that item.
You will not get what would fill a container to a specific volume level.
Volume is an amount that can vary greatly depending on the viscosity, Specific Gravity or temperature of that item.

By using Net Weight for measuring items you are assured that you, the customer, are getting exactly what you are paying for and this allows you to compare pricing.

If a company has volume pricing like (X gallons); be sure to get a Net Weight in (X pounds and /or ounces) for this same item. The cost per ounce or pound you are paying may be significantly different once you know the Net Weight when compared to Volume.


If this is still confusing, please feel free to contact us for further information or references.
OSHA Requirements Regarding MSDS
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Items that are not hazardous do not require an MSDS and OSHA does not want these keep by companies or authored by manufacturers as it causes confusion to employees and decreases the ability for employees to ascertain what items in the workplace do require additional caution when handling.
Material safety data sheets provide the necessary information for you to understand and deal with the potential hazards associated with a particular substance.
Remember: MSDS's are only required for materials that are hazardous.
Often times, manufacturers/suppliers are asked for MSDS's for products that do not meet this requirement.
Manufacturers/suppliers are under no obligation to produce MSDS's for non-hazardous materials.
We are OSHA compliant and follow their request to not produce an MSDS's for non-hazardous materials.
Hazardous Definition:
What items do (or do not) require MSDS's?
      OSHA requires MSDS's ONLY for materials that
    • a) meet OSHA's definition of hazardous and
    • b) are "known to be present in the workplace in such a manner that employees may be exposed under normal conditions of use or in a foreseeable emergency".
Pick Up orders - Store Front
  We do not have a storefront.
We are an Internet-based company.
All orders must be placed and paid for online.

Pricing Errors
  In the event that there is a pricing error on the website, we reserve the right to refund you for that item or offer you the correct pricing and allow you to choose if you still want to purchase that item at the correct price.
We will not honor pricing errors.
If a price seems too high or to low in respect to comparable items, please feel free to contact us for verification via email or live chat.

Product Catalog
  Texas Natural Supply is a green company and does not produce a catalog.
The website is the most accurate and up to date source for product pricing and information.

Product Quality
  Our primary goal is to maintain our high-quality standards while providing fresh and natural ingredients and products.
Our business philosophy dictates that we provide our customers with only all-natural and naturally sourced ingredients.
All our raw materials & ingredients must meet rigid standards and come from reputable sources, origins & companies.
All our products are fresh, and inspected daily and before being shipped out to our customers.

Our Standards

Our Standards for Natural & Natural Sourced Ingredients include the following:

  • Pure, Natural, Biodegradable and subject to minimal processing.
  • Pesticide, Chemical and Paraben Free.
  • No Hexane, No Phenoxyethanol processed ingredients.
  • No Propylene Glycol and GMO-Free.
  • Petroleum Free.
  • Synthetic Preservative-free.
  • Non-Irradiated
  • No Nano Particles
  • Animal sourced products that do not cause harm or death to the animal and have not been subjected to animal testing.
  • Although we do not support the Leaping Bunny Program, all our bulk bases and all raw materials we sell meet their criteria.
  • Wildcrafted or produced in the “Greenest" manner possible with sustainable harvesting.

We offer undiluted essential oils, carrier oils, and various other products of the highest quality.

The aroma and/or appearance of essential/vegetable oils and various kinds of products may vary from season to season and year to year.
Items may have normal and natural variations each time you order.

We cannot guarantee that the product you order today will look and smell exactly like the one you ordered previously or like the one you ordered from another supplier.

All these products come from nature and there's no set industry standardization.

Our warehouse is fully air-conditioned and kept at an ambient 75 degrees 24/7.

It is the customer's responsibility to inspect all products received from us BEFORE using them.
We will not be able to reimburse a customer because he/she used a product that does not meet their standards and as a result "ruins" the product they are producing.
Please don't let it be your loss. It is your responsibility to check and inspect all ingredients before using them.
The customer
shall be responsible for mitigating the effects of temperature, humidity and other weather conditions during shipment and storage by shipping and storing products in suitable climate-controlled conditions.

Texas Natural Supply uses
reasonable efforts to maintain the quality and consistency of the Products produced for their Customers, including, but without limitations for color, scent and viscosity. The Customer understands that variations in color, scent and viscosity are normal from batch to batch as the raw ingredients may vary from lot to lot and may be affected by climate changes and conditions. The Customer agrees that a Product shall be considered properly manufactured notwithstanding slight color changes, viscosity or scent variance that normally exists. TNS shall not be responsible for the effects of climate changes and conditions during periods when the product is outside the control of TNS.


Natural ingredients are fragile by nature, no pun intended. And for that reason, proper formulation and packaging are critical.
This can determine how safe, and most importantly, how effective the product is once it has made its way to the end-user.
Light will not only degrade the “active“ ingredients (those vitamins, minerals and antioxidants we so crave) but also decrease a product’s shelf life.
Consider making retail
products that are thoughtfully housed in light-resistant or dark bottles to protect the natural ingredients and their nutrients.

Avoid Droppers in product packaging.

Droppers introduce oxygen every time the consumer uses the product — rapidly increasing the rate at which your product will expire, or even worse, become potentially harmful to their skin.

Rubber droppers also degrade over time, especially when used with an oil-based product.

When manufacturing oil or liquid-based products, opt for pumps instead of droppers. This will introduce less air, as well as decrease potential bacteria contamination that often occurs when a dropper comes in contact with fingers and countertops.

Shelf Life

Fresh and Natural are core principles of Natural skincare.
Because all ingredients degrade over time, fresh and natural products or ingredients should be consumed within a fairly short time frame.
Think of them as food for your skin and use the same basic standards you would for consuming food.
If you think it may not be fresh, dispose of it and replace it new with ingredients or products.
If shelf life is an issue, purchase less to be more in line with your usage.
Because we have no control over the product once it leaves our facility, we can not guarantee shelf life or stability once it is out of our care and custody.
Safety and Product Use
  All our ingredients meet FDA standards for GRAS.

Our Formulations are created to be used "as is" or can be modified by the customer for a more complex formulation.

They are generally versatile enough to allow for the addition of other raw materials (within limits) so that the customer can create a new and unique final product.

This flexibility al
lows the customer to be very creative without necessarily having a large working knowledge about how to formulate.

By using one of the many Texas Natural Supply formulations, the customer, by making modifications, can produce or create a unique and professional final product for their Brand.

By purchasing and using products sold by Texas Natural Supply you agree that:
  • Texas Natural Supply is not liable for any incident or complication which may result from improper storage, misuse, misbranding or adulteration of products once they have left our care and custody.
  • You the customer, by purchasing a product, assume all product liability for the final products/creations which you create with products purchased from Texas Natural Supply to be sold to the final consumer.
  • You the customer, understand that all natural ingredients and products have the potential to cause skin sensitivities or allergic reactions.
  • Products sold by you or your company, to the final consumer, require all labeling and advertising meet FDA guidelines and contain adequate warning statements as needed.
  • Products sold by you or your company, to the final consumer, require adequate testing for Safety, Stability and Preservative Efficacy.