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CBD Bases

The products in this category are manufactured by Texas Natural Supply and have been determined to be compatible with the addition of CBD (oil form) and will readily accommodate this additional ingredient.

Our CBD Bases have one of the highest CBD ratios for Skincare Bases offered. Our CBD Bulk Bases are formulated using a Broad-spectrum CBD that contains the various compounds, cannabinoids, phytochemicals and flavonoids from the cannabis plant. These include cannabichromene, cannabinol, and terpenes ( such as myrcene, limonene, or pinene).

Each Base is formulated with a 5% buffer of Broad Spectrum CBD oil. This allows bases to be modified by 5% without the final product dropping below the listed CDB mg/oz. Depending on the type of base, oil and or water-based ingredients can be added to give these CBD Broad Spectrum base formulations additional unique properties.

Options include some of the Highest CBD ratios for Bulk Bases available including: 75 mg/oz, 150 mg/oz, 300 mg/oz, 600 mg/oz and 1200 mg/oz.

Recommended Modification Tolerances:

Do not exceed more than 5% of the total additional ingredients in order to maintain the CBD mg/oz ratio.
1% - 4% Water-Based Ingredients.
1% - Oil-Based Ingredients


Oil base formulations (Butters, Lip balms) can only have oil based ingredients added (Oils and Waxes)

Water- based formulations (Serums and Gels) can only have water based ingredients added. (Water, Plant Extracts, Aloe vera, Vegetable Glycerin and Powders that have been reconstituted with water)

Emulsions (Lotions and Creams) can accept both oil or water based ingredients.

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Cream Base 1 - Normal Skin Types - CBD Base 2 Cream - Extra Moisturizing - CBD Base 3 Cream - Nut Free Hypoallergenic - CBD Base 4 Cream - Aloe Free - CBD