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Many of our customers are experiencing the realization of their dreams and hard work as they see their products successfully competing in the marketplace.
Accomplishing this can be a long and arduous process, but at Texas Natural Supply we can assist you with everything from concept to completion.
If your product line is ready to take the next step, let us assist you in the process.
If you are looking for a company that can work with all natural ingredients, we are your company.
We can take care of all your needs, from start to finish, and anywhere in between.

We’re not JUST a manufacturing facility or JUST a team of cosmetic chemists. Instead, we have a team that can handle everything from your research and development, custom formulations, packaging, manufacturing and fulfillment. We source all of our raw ingredients based on our high standards.
Those same high standards are a part of the manufacturing process and of course the final product.

No other US facility can offer you all the raw materials, and all-natural raw materials, along with high quality product manufacturing like we can.
You need a team that knows all aspects of the process and will help you formulate a plan for success every single step of the way.

We start by discussing your goals, instead of offering you a one-size-fits-all approach, and help you come up with a plan that’s right for your customers, your brand, and your budget. We work with you throughout the project so that your finished products are exactly as you imagined them.
We will help make the process as smooth and seamless as possible because we have the experts, tools and the facilities to handle all your needs.
We will work strategically with pricing options so that you can be competitive in the marketplace.

Visit our Texas Natural Skincare website for complete details.

Texas Natural Skincare

If you are ready to get started with:

Custom Product Formulation
Research & Product Development
Contract Manufacturing/Private Label
Packaging & Fulfillment

All you need to do is contact our cosmetic contract manufacturing experts at


We’ll go over all of the details and answer any questions you may have.

Full Manufacturing services include:

*Formulation and prototype
* Bulk production of a formulation
* Packaging of a formulation
* Labeling of a packaged product
* Processing and preparing for shipment

* Shipment of orders to wholesale customers
* Shipment of orders to retail customers

We provide all of the above listed services
from manufacturing through shipping.

Prior to manufacturing, professional consulting may be needed for assistance with a packaging concept or marketing plan.

We offer these services starting on a fee basis depending on the complexity and time involved.
The amount of time required for these services may varies greatly depending on the product and the customers knowledge base.


The cost to manufacture your products involves several factors that include: Formulation, Type of Product, Raw Materials, Packaging, Pricing of Product, etc.
Each Product will follow a carefully coordinated process that will require your involvement from beginning to project completion.
Manufacturing will commence once everything has been approved by you.

Manufacturing run sizes

We offer a wide range of manufacturing runs:

Small Runs - typically up to 600 oz of product. Perfect for first time production runs, proof of concept runs, challenge testing, small business start-up, etc.

Large Runs - feature ongoing manufacturing with potential for greater than 5,000 units per day.

Flexibility exists between the Small and Large Run levels for a production process that fits your product(s) and your budget.

All manufacturing runs are dependent on the product itself and the packaging.

We offer discount incentives for larger runs, multiple runs or larger quantities.

We offer case pricing and pallet pricing with reduced fees for larger shipments.


Labels production is outsourced and is not included in our fees.

We have established several working relationships with companies that can provide labels and we will assist our customers as needed to procure professional label services.