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Gel Soap - Organic
Soap Gel - Organic - All Natural


Product Code: GSOS-BS

8 oz Net Wt [$17.70]
16 oz Net Wt (1 lb) [$32.86]
32 oz Net Wt (2 lbs) [$60.65]
64 oz Net Wt (4 lbs) [$111.23]
112 oz Net Wt (7 lbs) [$176.96]
36 lbs Net Wt ( 5 Gallons ) [$707.85]

Description Ingredients & Technical Information

New for 2017

This product is the consistency of jello, which allows you to determine the thickness of the end product.

This is an all-natural and organic Gel Soap that has a variety of uses.
Everything from a shower gel, hand soap, all-purpose cleaner and much more.
If you are looking for a great all-around gel soap for a variety of uses.
Consider the possibilities that this base can be used for including:
Shower Gel, Liquid Soap, Shampoo, Body Wash and Bubble Bath.

This Gel Soap is superfatted, which is a process of adding extra fats (oils and butters) so that there is more fat than the potassium hydroxide can react with during saponification. Superfatted soaps offer superior moisturizing and emollient qualities.

Saponification is the reaction that occurs when vegetable oils and/or fats are mixed with a strong alkali, such as potassium hydroxide. The result of this reaction is soap and glycerin and the neutralization of the potassium hydroxide.

As a finished product, this all-natural Gel Soap will allow the addition of up to 5% (the maximum recommended) of vegetable/ carrier oils, aroma / scent oils and essential oils*. It can be diluted more than 80% with water based ingredients and still have a great lather.
The Gel Soap also allows for the addition of nutrients like dl-Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Oat Protein, Silk Protein and extracts to make it your own unique product.
We also recommend the addition of any of our
Aroma / Scent to give your liquid soap a unique and distinctive experience.

No synthetic preservatives, detergents, foaming agents. No sulfates or parabens.

No added fragrances. Always biodegradable. Just all natural ingredients.

* The addition of additional oils can result in the increase in opacity of the product.

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