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Sea Salt - Fine Grain
Sea Salt - Fine Grain


Product Code: SSFG-ST

16 oz Net Wt - 1 lb [$1.30]
32 oz Net Wt - 2 lbs [$2.24]
80 oz Net Wt - 5 lbs [$5.20]
160 oz Net Wt - 10 lbs [$8.80]
400 oz Net Wt - 25 lbs [$20.00]
800 oz Net Wt. ( 50 lbs ) [$36.00]

Details Ingredients & Additional Information

Sea Salt - Fine Grain, obtained by evaporating seawater, is used in cosmetics. Historically called bay salt, its mineral content gives it a different taste from table salt, which is pure sodium chloride, usually refined from mined rock salt (halite) or from sea salt.

Cosmetic Uses: Sea Salts are used in cosmetics as the main ingredient in the production of bath salts. Bath salts are a range of water-soluble, usually inorganic solid products designed to be added to a bath, either to improve cleaning, to improve the experience of bathing, or to serve as a vehicle for cosmetic agents. Bath salts have been developed which mimic the properties of natural mineral baths or hot springs.

Fragrances, Essential Oils and colorants can be added to bath salts, and one purpose of salts is as a vehicle or diluent to extend fragrances, which are otherwise often too potent for convenient measurement or use. Other common additives to bath salts are oils (agglomerating the salts to form amorphous granules, the product being called "bath beads" or "bath oil beads"), foaming agents and effervescent agents.

Some bath salts act as Water softeners and change the way soap behaves and rinses. High concentrations of salts increase the specific gravity of the water and increase buoyancy which makes the body feel lighter in the bath. Very high concentrations of salts in water are used in flotation therapy.


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