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Radix Peucedani - Qian Hu - 前胡 - 15 oz Net Wt
Radix Peucedani - Qian Hu - 前胡


Product Code: RPQH-TM

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Radix Peucedani - Qian Hu - 前胡 

Origin: The dry root of perennial herbaceous plant Peucedanum praeruptorum Dunn. of family Umbelliferae. 
Location: Zhejiang, Henan and Hunan provinces in China. 
Harvest: Collected in autumn and winter when stem and leaves wither or in early spring before stem sprouts. 
Smell / Taste: Fragrant, slightly bitter and pungent. 
Processing: Unprocessed or processed with honey. 
Properties: Bitter, pungent, slightly cold; lung meridian entered. 
Actions: Dispel phlegm and direct qi downward, disperse wind-heat.

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