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Pigment - Ultramarine Violet - CG725
Pigment - Ultramarine Violet - CG725


Product Code: ULVT-CR

1 oz Net Wt [$5.12]
2 oz Net Wt [$9.60]
4 oz Net Wt [$17.92]
8 oz Net Wt [$33.28]
16 oz Net Wt - 1 lb [$61.44]

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Ultramarine Violet

Shade: Violet with Blue Undertone

The ultramarine family of colors include blue, pink and violet. Ultramarine blues are sodium alumino sulpho silicates. Further oxidation of one of the finer particle size red shade blue produces violet. The redness of the hue depends on the degree of oxidation. An ion exchange reaction with violet produces pink.

They are easily dispersed in aqueous media, have excellent light stability and are very stable in alkali (pH of 7 or higher) compounds.

This Ultramarine Blue (CG725) is water dispersible. It must be mixed using a shearing force to get it to blend. (Use a stick blender for a complete mix.)

For dry applications, simply mix with the base clay or powder or other dry medium.

This Ultramarine Blue can be used for eye makeup, lotions, creams and salts, scrubs, face powders, foundations, blushers, and cosmetics used in the area of the eye such as mascaras, eyeshadow, liners and to color or swirl soaps.

Usage: 1/2 oz will color approximately 22 lbs of product depending on the strength of color you want. Add a very small amount at a time until you get the desired result. Colors can be mixed together to create new colors.

CAUTION: Ultramarines are extremely acid sensitive and will release hydrogen sulfide and Sulfur Dioxide gas in acid conditions.

FDA Alert: The use of this pigment is prohibited by the FDA for ANY lip applications.

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