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Lard - 100% Rendered Pork Fat - 48 Pounds
Lard - 100% Rendered Pork Fat - 48 Pounds


Product Code: LRPF48-ON

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Lard - 100% Rendered Pork Fat

Lard can be obtained from any part of the pig as long as there is a high concentration of fatty tissue. The highest grade of lard, known as leaf lard, is obtained from the "flare" visceral fat deposit surrounding the kidneys and inside the loin.

Lard may be rendered by either of two processes: wet or dry. In wet rendering, pig fat is boiled in water or steamed at a high temperature and the lard, which is insoluble in water, is skimmed off the surface of the mixture, or it is separated in an industrial centrifuge. In dry rendering, the fat is exposed to high heat in a pan or oven without the presence of water (a process similar to frying bacon). The two processes yield somewhat differing products. Wet-rendered lard has a lighter color, and a high smoke point. Dry-rendered lard is somewhat more browned in color and has lower smoke point. Rendered lard produces an unpleasant smell when mixed with oxygen.

Cosmetic Uses: Lard for soap making will produce a softer bar with nicer conditioning properties.

It is used to make soap and in candle-making.

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