Kaolin Clay - Hydrous

Kaolin Clay - Hydrous

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Kaolin Clay - Hydrous is a fluffy grayish - white clay also known as china. It is the purest of the clays.(See Kaolin Anhydrous for a whiter consistency and more purified Kaolin)

Cosmetic Uses:
Soap making:
It adds a soft, slippery feel to soap bars. Adding this to your soap will also make shaving so much smoother for both men & women.

Bath bombs: Add kaolin clay to your bath bombs and they will cure more quickly. It will also reduce, if not eliminate cracking. By replacing half of your cornstarch with kaolin clay, bath bombs will cure in less than 24 hours and they will be rock hard, with little to no cracks.

Makeup: For handmade makeup, this is a must in powder foundations. Kaolin clay will absorb 1 1/2 times its own weight.

Eye Shadows: This clay is great to add to your mattes to give them better slip, or to tone down your oxides. It will also help to really spread your mica a long way.

Facial Masks: Use purified water to moisten your clay, you will only need a small amount. Add water to clay until it is a nice paste consistency and then add skin safe aromatherapy essential oils or infused water in place of purified water. This type of facial mask should only be used once a week on normal skin and up to 2x a week on oily skin complexions.

CAS # 1332-58-7

Botanical/INCI: White Kaolinite. No synthetics or colorants added. No GMO's

Origin: USA
Form: Dry Clay
Appearance/Color: Powder / White - Light Gray
Storage: For maximum shelf life keep in cool environment (preferably below 75 degrees Fahrenheit) and store away from light and moisture in a closed container. Do not refrigerate.
Additional Info: Cosmetic Grade, NF-USP

Colors are represented as close as possible to the color they appear.

Many colorents may be pH sensative and can change or morph at high or low pH levels.

No final color is implied or guaranteed in any final formulation or soap. The customer is responsible for all testing in formulations.

Kaolin Clay - Hydrous



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Anonymous Person from San Antonio, TX United States
July 4, 2016
kaolin clay hydrous
I think this will be exactly what I need whenI use this clay in CP soap making.
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