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Fructus Toosendan - Chuan Lian Zi - 川楝子 - 13 oz Net Wt
Fructus Toosendan - Chuan Lian Zi - 川楝子


Product Code: FMTT-TM

Details Ingredients & Additional Information COA (Certificate of Analysis)
Fructus Toosendan - Chuan Lian Zi - 川楝子 

Origin: The ripe fruit of deciduous arbor plant Melia toosendan Sieb. et Zucc. of family Meliaceae. 
Location: Sichuan province in China. 
Harvest: Collected in winter.
Smell / Taste: Odour, bitter. 
Appearance: Big, gold pericarp, yellow-whitish pulp, full and elastic. 
Processing: Unprocessed or stir-baked with bran. 
Properties: Bitter, cold; mildly toxic; liver, stomach, small intestine and urinary bladder meridians entered. 
Actions: Move qi and alleviate pain, expel ascaris; kill worms and relieve itch for external use.  
Caution: It is bitter, cold and mildly toxic in property, so it can easily induce nausea, vomiting, etc. when overtaken.

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