Davana Essential Oil

Davana Essential Oil
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Davana, Artemisia pallens, is an aromatic botanical that is xerophytic In nature. The flowers are racemose panicles, bear numerous small yellow flower heads or capitula, but the silvery white silky covering of down gives the foliage a grey or white appearance.Davanam has alternate pinnasect leaves (leaf which is divided into opposite pairs of lobes cut almost to the midrib In narrow divisions) or palmatisect leaves (the green tissue is divided into several segments not fully separated At the base).

Davana oil is used in making perfumes of sweet and fruity fragrances. When applied on the skin, Davana is said to smell differently on different persons. This peculiar property is highly valued in high class perfumery to create fragrances with truly individual notes.

Davana Essential Oil<br>0.8 oz



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