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    Shea Aloe Lotion (Shealoe) - All Natural

    This is an all natural, unique and proprietary formulation available only from TNS

    There is no other l00% all-natural Shealoe Creme/Lotion Base Concentrate on the market with a proven all-natural, broad-spectrum preservative system...until now.

    We have created a unique, 100% all-natural Shealoe Creme / Lotion Base Concentrate that you can customize for your market and offer to your customers that will meet all your requirements.

    This all-natural base concentrate with it's thick, rich consistency allows you to add additional ingredients and nutrients without significantly thinning the base. You can also thin it to the consistency you prefer for a lotion and still add the additional ingredients and nutrients to make it your own unique product. This base concentrate can easily be diluted by 50% or more for a lotion formulation.

    For Example:
    Add numerous anti-aging components like NaturLift, NaturLines, NaturDerm A, E or P and you have the only all natural anti-aging formula available.

    Add cosmeceuticals or neutraceuticals, clays, compounds ... the possibilities are only limited by your need or imagination.

    Please note! You will NOT need to add additional preservative (Tinosan SDC) to your end formulation unless you add liquid ingredients by more than 50% of the primary base (excluding Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils). There are a few ingredients that can bind with the Tinosan and decrease its effectiveness, like EDTA. Also, high salt content can inhibit it as well.

    This can be used as a stand alone product undiluted.

    Herbal Spray Base

    This all-in-one base can be used for everything from a linen spray to a body mist.

    It has unique properties you will not find in other typical spray bases.

    *Natural Ingredients
    *Customizable with fragrance oils and essential oils
    *No parabens
    *Nutritional for the skin

    Add any of our Aroma / Scents to create a wide variety of new Lotion products. We have over sixty
    Aroma / Scents for you to consider.

    Ingredient Highlights

    * Aloe Vera Juice
    * Witch Hazel Hydrosol (alcohol Free)

    Peanut Butter Aroma - Oil Based
    Aroma / Scent: Rich, Buttery, Fresh Peanut Butter with caramel notes.

    Aromas/Scents are created with feedback from multiple sources. They are as accurate as possible, but are the culmination of opinions. Opinions may vary.

    As you can imagine, it is not possible for us to test every aroma with every known or unknown recipe or formulation.
    Our testing with our aromas against essential oils show them to generally need to be used at the same percentage as formulations using essential oils. Sometimes even less is needed.

    However, many of the scents have no essential oil equivalent to test against.
    Also floral and citrus scents, like essential oils, tend to dissipate more easily.
    This is especially true in soap formulations if they have no anchor note to help hold them.

    The feedback we have gotten from our customers is very positive and we are always evaluating them and their performance, especially from customers utilizing both hot and cold processed soap.
    Scent is very subjective and our opinion and the opinions of other customers may or may not be the same as yours.

    Always do at least one small test batch as part of your research and development.
    This should be done with any product you are making to assess how strong you feel the scent throw is before making a large batch and then make adjustments accordingly.
    Cream Base - Goat Milk - All Natural
    This natural formulation has been fortified with Goat's milk, adding an additional 35% fatty acid content for the ultimate natural skin hydration.

    Ingredient Highlights
    * Goat Milk
    * Shea Butter

    Cream / Lotion Base 4 - Aloe Free - All Natural
    * Formulated and Manufactured by Texas Natural Supply *

    This Aloe Free Base has been specifically formulated to provide maximum moisturizing. This all-natural Aloe Free Base with it's thick, rich consistency allows you to add additional ingredients and nutrients without significantly thinning the base.

    It can be thinned it to the consistency preferred for a lotion and while adding additional ingredients and nutrients to make it a unique product.

    Ingredient Highlights
    * Shea Butter
    * Safflower Oil