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Manufacturing options include:

* Bulk production of a formulation
* Packaging of a formulation
* Labeling of a packaged product
* Processing and preparing for shipment
* Shipment of orders to wholesale customers

We can provide any or all of the above listed services 
from manufacturing through shipping.

Prior to manufacturing, professional consulting may be needed for assistance with a packaging concept or marketing plan.

We offer these services starting at $50.00/hr depending on the complexity and time involved. The amount of time required for these services may varies greatly depending on the product and the customers knowledge base.


Because the cost to manufacture has many factors that dictate the final cost, manufacturing quotes can only be calculated once we have the following information.

Information need for a quote include:

*Complete ingredient list in standard % format
Specific container
*Color, size, shape and material
Specific application (lid, cap, pump, sprayer)
*Color, size, shape and material
Type of product
*Soap, Cosmetic, Supplement, OTC, drug or other
 Projected retail/wholesale pricing

1. Once this information has been provided and manufacturing services are determined a free manufacturing quote is presented that outlines all aspects of the manufacturing process and cost.

2. This quote will include manufacturing costs including raw materials, packaging, labor and preparation for shipping. Piece prices, case sizes, fees and any other necessary details are also included.

3. The customer reviews the quote and makes the decision for order quantity.

4. Payment is rendered for the quantity in the form of a business check

5. All necessary components are purchased and brought in house at TNS

6. Once all items are in house, inventory/components are rechecked for accuracy and quality control and a manufacturing schedule is set.

7. The customer is notified of the projected completion date.

8. Project is completed and shipped to customer or vendors.

Manufacturing run sizes

We offer both large and small run options.

Small runs are usually around 100- 250 pieces or 5 gallons to be affordable for small companies or start up products.

We offer discount incentives for larger runs, multiple runs or larger quantities.

We offer case pricing and pallet pricing with reduced fees for larger shipments.


Labels production is outsourced and is not included in our fees.

We have established several working relationships with companies that can provide labels and we will assist our customers as needed to procure professional label services.

Label proofing - We proof and check all aspects of labeling and packaging to assure it meets FDA criteria as well as meeting set expectations for color shape, size or other requirements.

*Additional details regarding the label process, requirements and cost is available.

All manufacturing requires payment in full prior to the production run.