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Tallow - 100% Rendered Beef Fat


Product Code: TRBF-ON

7 oz Net Wt [$1.97]
14 oz Net Wt [$3.68]
27 oz Net Wt [$6.83]
56 oz Net Wt [$12.60]
112 oz Net Wt - 7 lbs [$23.10]

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Tallow - 100% Rendered Beef Fat
100% Grass Fed Cows

Tallow is rendered beef or other bovine fat, processed from suet. (Rendered fat obtained from pigs is known as lard.)

The tallow derived from beef is called stearin. Unlike suet, tallow can be stored for extended periods without the need for refrigeration to prevent decomposition, provided it is kept in an airtight container to prevent oxidation.

It is used to make soap, candlemaking, for cooking and as a bird food. It can be used as a raw material for the production of biodiesel and other oleochemicals.

This is pure tallow, no additives, great for soapmaking. Well balanced in 43% Oleic Acid, 19% Stearic Acid and 24% Palmitic Acid.

Tallow makes a mild soap with small creamy bubbles.
SAP value of .136

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