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Radix Ginseng - Ren Shen - 人参 - 14 oz Net Wt
Radix Ginseng - Ren Shen - 人参


Product Code: RGST-TM

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Radix Ginseng - Ren Shen - 人参

Origin: The root of the perennial herbaceous plant Panax ginseng C. A. Mey. of the family Araliaceae.
Location: Mainly produced in Jiling, Liaoning and Heilongjiang provinces in China. Called the wild Shan Shen, called the cultivated Yuan Shen.
Harvest: After 6~7 years cultivation, plucked the root in autumn when stalk and leaves wither. The sun-dried raw Ren Shen is called Sheng Sai Shen and the dried after being steamed is Hong Shen.
Smell / Taste: The actual smell and taste Specially fragrant, sweet and slightly bitter taste.
Processing: Sliced or ground.
Properties: Sweet, slightly warm; spleen, lung and heart meridians entered.
Actions: Powerfully reinforce original qi, tonify zang-organ qi, promote the generation of body fluid to alleviate thirst, and induce-tranquilization mind and improve the intelligence, nourish blood.

Caution: Antagonizing to Li Lu; the warm nature of sun-dried raw Ren Shen is weaker than that of Hong Shen.

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