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These ingredients are for use in
cosmetic products and skin care applications
and are not sold or intended to be used for consumption.

We offer the highest quality ingredients for making
Bath & Body, Cosmetics, Personal Care and Soap Products.

Our business philosophy dictates that we provide our
customers with all-natural and natural sourced ingredients.
All our raw materials & ingredients must meet rigid
standards and come from reputable sources, origins & companies.

Wild crafted or produced in the “Greenest" manner possible with sustainable harvesting.

Our Standards for Natural & Natural Sourced Ingredients include the following:
Pure, Natural, Biodegradable and subject to minimal processing.
Pesticide, Chemical and Paraben Free.
No Hexane, No Phenoxyethanol processed ingredients.
No Propylene Glycol and GMO Free.
Petroleum Free. Synthetic Preservative free. Non Irradiated. No Nano Particles
Animal sourced products that do not cause harm or death of the animal
and have not been subjected to animal testing.
We are a member of PETA’s Leaping Bunny Program.

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Acai Berry Powder Acerola Berry Extract Powder Agrimony Herb C/S Alfalfa Leaf CS
Alfalfa Leaf CS
Alfalfa Leaf Powder Alkanet Root CS Angelica Root C/S Angelica Root Powder
alkanet Root CS
Anise Seed Whole Anise Star Whole Annatto Seed Whole Apple Pectin Powder
Annatto Seed Whole Apple Pectin Powder
Arnica Flowers Whole Arrowroot Powder Artichoke Leaf Powder Astragalus Root C/S
Astragalus Root Chopped Bacopa Monnieri Powder Barberry Root Bark C/S Barberry Root Bark Powder
Barley Grass Powder Bay Leaves - Whole Bayberry Root Bark C/S Bayberry Root Bark Powder
Bay Leaves Whole
Bee Pollen Granules Bee Pollen Powder Benzoin Gum Pieces Bergamot Herb C/S
Bilberry Fruit Powder Bilberry Leaf C/S Bilberry Leaf Powder Black Cohosh Root C/S
Black Cohosh Root Powder Black Haw Tree Bark C/S Black Walnut Leaf C/S Black Walnut Leaf Powder
Blue Cohosh Root C/S Blue Cohosh Root Powder Blueberry Fiber Powder Boldo Leaf C/S
Borage Leaf C/S Broccoli Seed Whole Buckthorn Bark C/S Buckthorn Bark Powder
Bupleurum Root Powder Burdock Root C/S Burdock Root Powder Butchers Broom Root C/S
Calamus Root C/S Calendula Flowers Powder Calendula Flowers Whole Camu Camu Fruit Powder
Calendula Flowers Powder
Cascara Sagrada Bark C/S Cascara Sagrada Bark Powder Cat's Claw Bark C/S Cat's Claw Bark Powder
Catnip Leaf C/S Cayenne Powder 35,000 shu Celery Salt Chamomile Flowers Powder
Chamomile Flowers Powder
Chamomile Flowers Whole Chickweed Herb C/S Chlorella Powder Cinnamon Powder 3% Oil
Chlorella Powder Cinnamon Powder 3% Oil
Cinnamon Sticks 2 3/4" Cloves Whole Cocoa Powder - 20% Fat Coltsfoot Leaf C/S
Coltsfoot Leaf Powder Comfrey Leaf C/S Comfrey Leaf Powder Comfrey Root C/S
Copal Resin Tears Coriander Seed Whole Cramp Bark C/S Cranberry Powder
Damiana Leaf C/S Damiana Leaf Powder Dandelion Leaf C/S Dandelion Root C/S
Damiana Leaf CS
Darjeeling Tea Devil's Claw Root Powder Devil's Claw Root Slices Dong Quai Root Slices
Dragon's Blood Chunks Dulse Granules Earl Grey Tea Echinacea Purpurea Herb C/S
Echinacea Purpurea Root C/S Elder Flowers Whole Elderberry Whole English Breakfast Tea
Eucalyptus Leaf C/S Eucalyptus Leaf Powder Eyebright Powder Feverfew Herb C/S
Flax Seed Whole Frankincense Tears Garcinia Cambogia Extract Powder Garlic Flakes
Garcinia Cambogia Extract Powder
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