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Gel Base - 5 Gallon
Gel Base - All Natural


Product Code: GLBS5G-BS

Details Ingredients & Additional Information COA (Certificate of Analysis)

This is an all natural, unique and proprietary formulation available only from TNS

This Gel Base gives you the freedom to create products without having to start from the beginning. Add extracts, cosmeceuticals, neutraceuticals, herbs or other actives and customize it for your clients.

A perfect base to make facial masks, hair gels, hand sanitizer or any product that is a gel application.

Unlike our Aloe Vera Gel, this base does not contain any aloe to allow formulations for customers with sensitivities to aloe or because it simply may not be needed in the application you are trying to create.

Additives: Liquids
Since this is a water base any water based additive can be either stirred or stick blended into the base. Remember the more liquid you add to this base the thinner it will become. Try to add liquids that are as concentrated as possible.

Additives: Oils
Gels will more readily accept oils without the addition of an emulsifier than most people realize. Stick blending is required to get oils into the gel base evenly. Too much oil will cause the gel to begin to separate so keep them to the minimum required for the desired effect.

Additives: Herbs and Powders
Herbs can be added for a visual effect as well as exfoliation
. They can be steeped and then filtered or you can use the powdered form made into a slurry and stick blend into the gel. Be sure that powders are dissolved in enough water so that you do not end up with a gritty gel, unless this is the desired effect.

Some Herbs and Powders may not be appropriate for a gel base due to their gritty nature or resistance to completely dissolve in water

The percent for any additive will vary greatly depending on how many you are using and the kind you are using. Start with a small amount of base and really small amounts of additives and experiment to get the product you want to create. Keep good notes of what, and how much, you are adding so that you can reproduce it on a larger scale once you have it perfected.

When introducing additives to this gel base, do it in as sterile a manner as possible to minimize contamination. It is optimal to refrigerate any left-over or unused product.

The preservative system in this base should be effective for 1-2 + years with additives assuming there is not gross contamination or inoculation in the process.

Consistency: similar to Vaseline

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