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Oval Filling Tray - Deodorant Tubes
Filling Tray - Deodorant Tubes

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Product Code: FTDT-EQ

One Tray [$125.00]

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This filling tray is designed to quickly and efficiently fill deodorant tubes with your product with very minimal mess or waste.

* Each tray holds 25 deodorant tubes.
* Works with standard 2.5 oz to 2.65 oz Oval Deodorant Tubes

Container & Packaging Product
M293 - 2.5 oz White PP Oval-Shaped Deodorant Container with Dial
SKS Products
0803-01 - Plastic Tubes, 2.65 oz Silver Polypropylene Deodorant Tubes w/ Silver Dome Caps
0805-06 - Plastic Tubes, 2.65 oz White Polypropylene Deodorant Tubes w/ White Caps
0805-37 - Plastic Tubes, 2.65 oz White Polypropylene Deodorant Tubes w/ Flat White Caps
0804-11 - Plastic Tubes, 2.65 oz Black Polypropylene Deodorant Tubes w/ Black Caps

* Any deodorant tube with the following dimensions:

Length = 56 mm (5.6 cm) to 57.15 mm (5.715 cm)
Width = 31.75 mm (3.175 cm) to 32 mm (3.2 cm)

SKS tubes are a tighter fit but they work perfectly.

* Stackable
* Cleans easily

Texas Natural Supply QuickFil Trays evolved based on customer's requests, to solve the problem of filling multiple product containers, cleanly and efficiently. The design can be adapted to most tube types and sizes.

These trays have reversible sides to produce either a shallow dish or deeper top filling area.

All four sides should be installed the same way with side slots either closer to the top for a shallow fill area or oriented toward the bottom of the tray for a deeper fill area.

Tubes are inserted in the bottom of the tray, loading a tube in each hole.

With all of the tubes inserted completely in each hole, the tray can then be flipped over and filled.

** Please note, when your product is completely poured and ready for use, there will be 1/16th of an inch of the product above the top edge of the base container prior to turning the dial to raise the product. This is normal and an industry standard for Deodorant Tube filling.

QuickFill tray Assembly

Most trays are rectangular so 2 sides are longer than the ends of the tray. The side pieces are typically the same length as the tray length. The two end pieces have a notch at each end.

Start by pressing the two longer pieces onto the sides of the tray. You can use a rubber mallet to fully press the tray into the side slots.

Check that the end of the sides are even with the tray. A rubber mallet can be used to move the side(s) so they are flush with the tray end edge.

The two remaining ends can then be pressed into the tray.

When fully assembled, multiple same size trays can be stacked, fully assembled and ready for use.

The side and end piece slots fit the tray plate quite tightly. Most users seem to leave the trays assembled between uses rather than taking the tray apart to wash up.

To remove the sides from the tray plate a rubber mallet can be used to force the sides away from the tray plate on each side from the bottom inside of the tray.

Are you looking for a Base to put in deodorant tubes? Consider these TNS ready made Bases: Solid Natural Deodorant Base, Solid Natural Deodorant Base - White, and Solid Natural Perfume Base.

In addition to selling this Oval Filling Tray - Deodorant Tubes accessory, we also offer manufacturing and fulfillment services. Want a batch of deodorant custom made to fit your needs? We can help!

Just email us at and ask for more information. We work with you to find the right solution to fit your budget.

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