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Aroma / Scents

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Anise, Basil, Black Pepper, Gingerbread,
Marshmallow, Peanut Butter, Root Beer.

Benefits: Aroma oils are absolutely the best available choice for scenting all types of cosmetics, personal care products and soaps.

Perfect for all personal care products, lotions, creams, lip balms, soaps, candles and many other cosmetic applications.

Natural Aroma/Scents are great for acquiring the non-traditional and/or exotic aromas and blends that you cannot get from essential oils without any of the issues, complications and problems that come with Essential oil use in personal care, bath and body products, soap or cosmetics.

Natural, versatile Aromas/Scents allow for formulations to be safely scented without many of the complications associated with use of other aromatic or scents compounds like essential oils.

Issues like allergens, skin irritation or sensitivities, sensitization, photo sensitization, photo toxicity, ingestion and possible drug interactions or dilution ratios are eliminated by the use of these natural oils.

How they are made:
Our Aroma/Scents include the natural essence or extractions obtained only from plants and contain NO pesticides, synthetics, animal sources or allergens.

They are created by use of one of more of the following processes:
Steam Distillation, Solvent Extraction, CO2 Extraction, Maceration, Enfleurage, Cold Press Extraction and Water Distillation.

Natural scents are derived from portions of the plant materials which contain the scent constituents derived from a spices, fruits or fruit juices, vegetables or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herbs, bark, buds, roots, leaves or similar plant material.

The use of these materials is for the function of generating a desired aroma.
The creation process focuses on the aroma portion of the plants and the final smell of the product produced.

Usage in formulations and soap
As you can imagine, it is not possible for us to test every aroma with every known or unknown recipe or formulation. Our testing with our aromas against essential oils show them to generally need to be used at the same percentage as formulations using essential oils. Sometimes even less is needed. However, many of the scents have no essential oil equivalent to test against. Also floral and citrus scents, like essential oils, tend to dissipate more easily. This is especially true in soap formulations, if they have no anchor note to help hold them.

The feedback we have gotten from our customers is very positive and we are always evaluating them and their performance, especially from customers utilizing both hot and cold processed soap.
Scent is very subjective and our opinion and the opinions of other customers may or may not be the same as yours. Always do at least one small test batch as part of your research and development.
This should be done with any product you are making to assess how strong you feel the scent throw is before making a large batch and then make adjustments accordingly.

Water Based Products:
When used in water base products aroma/scent oils will separate out without the presence of an emulsifier.

Products like linen sprays or body sprays work well when emulsified with Polysorbate 20.
Titrate at about 1-3% until the product remains clear.
(Higher concentrations of oils may require more PS 20 to stay in emulsion.)

Oil Based Products:
Blend into oil based products like lips balms, salves when all oils are in a liquid state to get a homogeneous blend. Allow to return to room temperature.

(A stick blender is recommended for ease of use and quick shearing force.)

Blending into emulsions in the oil phase is preferred, but can be added to a completely emulsified product with a stick blender for a homogeneous product.

Add at "trace" at about the same ratio as Fragrance oils or Essentials oils in soap

Consumers that have demonstrated any form of allergy to scent, nuts or other aromas whether topical or ingested should be prudent to avoid all aromas and essentials oils. This includes anything that contains any derivatives from these plant compounds. Certainly, even if there is a remote possibility of an allergen being present, theoretically an allergic event could occur due to topical application of the product. Allergies are very complex and there is no way to know what actual element of the plant compound the allergic person is responding to when exposed.

We would strongly encourage anyone with allergies to avoid any scented products as their immune systems are probably overly sensitive and the chances that they could develop additional sensitives is greatly enhanced.

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